Puzzle Quest Part 2

Half Way Through Part 2

Where Our Adventurers Left Off

The adventurers (Werdna, Jungep, Opie, Groot, and Mialee) as well as Werdna’s goblin friend, Fred, found their link to Dorcus, Idris. After stealing a bell and asking incessantly for cheese, they found that the way to Dorcus was through a portal in a cavern. The portal opens when three elements are placed into three bowls. They put earth, water, and fire into the bowls and entered a sandy island and solved the problems there concerning stolen rocks. Then they put water, earth, and fire in and found themselves in a candyland where they helped Norris with his chores, fought a gingerbread golum and a figgy pudding ooze, and met a candymancer who really hates candyland. Then, after putting in fire, water, and earth, they entered a snow kingdom and met Princess Alexandria. After saving the prince from ice mephits, Fred (somehow) wooed Princess Alexandria and married her. The party left Fred behind with his bride and went back to discover the contents of the rest of the portals. What will they find when they discover them all?



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