Goblin NPC


HP 5
Damage 1d6
Attack 1d20+15
AC 15
Items: Shiny Belt Buckle


After bashing his head in in Puzzle Quest Part 1, Werdna adopted the little broken goblin and nicknamed him Fred. Fred is a kind, albeit incredibly stupid, goblin. It’s assumed that he was at least semi-intelligent before taking a morning star to the skull.
Even though Werdna was the one who injured him, Fred was completely devoted to him. When he wasn’t fighting for him on the battlefield, he was fondly hugging his legs or climbing up on his back to get a better view.
After meeting Princess Alexandria in the snow kingdom, they both fell in love and Fred had to say goodbye to the rest of the party in order to stay with Alexandria. (It was a wonderful wedding and Werdna was the best man)


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